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Experienced Rider Info

Welcome to Our Barn!

We understand that there are many options for your equine services in the Flathead Valley. We pride ourselves on keeping our barn fun, exciting, and focused on the experience. Our staff has a diverse level of experience and are focused on bringing the best of their craft to Montana Horse Works. You are going to love the difference at our barn. Welcome to Montana Horse Works.

Our Facility

Montana Horse Works is not a show barn, however we pride ourselves in our high standard of equine care, customer service, and our clean facility. MTHW boasts an all steel enclosed  150’ x 300’ outdoor arena, a 100’ x 200’ indoor arena, (8) 60’x100’ runs, and multiple pasture options.  


We offer instruction in both Western and English disciplines. Bring your own horse or ride one of ours, no matter your experience level, we can provide an amazing experience for you. If you are interested in refining your feel, timing and relationship with your horse, Montana Horse Works is the barn for you.

Horse Owner

Haul in to the barn for horsemanship lessons, or explore the options of our other services. See our services page.

Non-Horse Owner

Don’t have your own horse? We offer mounts for all experience levels while building your horsemanship skills or you can explore lease options.


Natural horsemanship is a collective term for a variety of horse training techniques which are based in resistance free training as well as natural principles of herd dynamics and how they interact with one another. Montana Horse Works practices traditional and modern buckaroo style horsemanship in a way that is fun and engaging for horse and rider.

Classes and Instruction

New Rider Information

Everyone starts with private lessons at our barn. This one on one time enables us to get to know each other's style, experience and level of comfort. If a group is what you're seeking your Instructor can evaluate and help you find the best group placement! 


Private and Mini Lessons are available all week and can be scheduled by clicking “schedule a lesson”.


Independent riders may be eligible for Group lessons. Group lessons last for 2 hours and are conducted weekly or  bi-weekly. Check with your instructor and we will suggest a group that will best fit you!

Lesson Descriptions

mini lessons


Mini lessons are for our tiny tots looking to build their horse safety skills, knowledge and confidence. Mini lessons are 30 or 45 minutes, one on one sessions. Ages range from 2-6 years of age.


Private Lessons are one on one instruction and available to any rider 7 yrs. of age and older. These sessions are slower paced with attention to detail. We work through specific exercises tailored to you and your horse. You get uninterrupted attention and instruction while you get comfortable with your horse. 

Private Lessons


Semi-private Lessons are for our riders who are 7+ yrs. old, and would enjoy having a buddy to ride with that has a similar ability level. Horsemanship instruction will meet the levels of its riders keeping them challenged and having fun!

Semi-Private Lessons
Group Lessons


Group Lessons are designed to fit a certain ability level and discipline. All riders must be able to ride on their own at a walk and trot. Group lessons include up to 6 riders at a time. This time is used to improve your horsemanship and build a relationship with other riders of similar skill level. You will learn how much fun it is to ride with a group and different types of horses.


This is a great SINGLE VISIT option for a family of all ages to get out into the barn. We offer this package that is specifically fitted to your vacation or outing itinerary! Everyone from Grandma to little Timmy gets a chance to learn a little horsemanship, groom, saddle and ride!

Family Vacationer
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