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Horse 2 Heart

Equine Assisted Wellness Programs


Equine Assisted Learning

Wellness Education Programs and Workshops

Wellness Retreats

Tapping into the wisdom of the horse by exploring

  • Connection

  • Trust

  • Respect

  • Well-being

Why Equines:

Horses are sentient beings. That means they are capable of understanding complicated communication-processing and possess the ability to make appropriate choices. The word “sentient” is synonymous with the idea of living consciously. It is the capacity to be aware of feelings and sensations and using them to inform us of choices that contribute to our overall wellness. Partnering with the horse helps to create spaces that facilitate people’s ability to learn, experience new-potential and develop healthier expressions of themselves.

The horses are our partners, whether you are seeking individual inner growth with the assistance of a licensed mental health professional or are looking for an extraordinary experience sure to expand your self-awareness in a number of areas, including: leadership, communication, personal relationships, self-care, personal competency, and creative expression or improvement in your horsemanship skills.

You can sign up for an already scheduled event or craft your own experience through the help of our team.

Let us assist you in building bridges between the heart of the horse and your own!

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